Top 10 Jobs In Decreasing Demand

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Major furtherance in technology has more than doubled worker productivity since 1970, reports Investing Answers, an independent content provider and resource for investors. However, many jobs are now becoming increasingly obsolete for various reasons. This article assesses the 10 jobs in decreased demands followed by the reasons.


1. Machinists:

Job vacancies are expected to shrink by 5%. The jobs will still exist because they will require a special set of skills. Many who are working as machinists will not meet the job requirements and will be laid off.


2. Farmers:

With increasing industrialization and urbanization, farming areas are becoming extinct. The metropolitan Toronto area is replacing many of its farms up North with suburban divisions, expected to boom in 2014.


3. Teachers:

Teachers are in lesser demand than before. Competition is stiff with teaching jobs as new teachers now face slow economies and streamlined schools. Families are also now becoming smaller, as parents are having fewer kids than they did before.


4. Computer Operators:

Investing Answers predict that computer operators will move out of the profession in the next seven years. Personalized computers are now taking over the functions that were done by humans.


5. Customer Service:

These jobs are less in demand in the industrialized countries. Corporations are now choosing to bring their call centres to developing countries such as India and Mexico, for cheaper labour. This effect is also set to increase with sluggish economy.


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