Top 10 Items We Over Consume

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6. Water:

With fresh water being scarce, overconsumption is becoming a major problem. The average North American uses 400 litres of water every day. Lengthy showers, over-watering lawns, unnecessary tap running are the major causes of this.


7. Energy:

We are in a global crisis where energy is often over consumed when unnecessary. Many people would leave light on, drive cars when they do not have to. Reduce the ecological footprint and reduce the energy.


8. Clothes:

I had to add this one. Many people throw out clothes that they overgrew or are old and ripped. Clothes that are in the garbage are a waste. Many needy individuals would die to have a shirt like yours, old or not.


9. Furnishings:

People buy and buy and buy new things that they never use. Some of the things that collect dust in the house probably have been used once or twice. People still buy things that they like, but without cause.


10. Money:

Had to add this one! Some rich are greedy and they know how to use their money, while the poor get poorer. What a wasteon what a mansion, clothes, cars. These are all luxury items.

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