Top 10 Mining Missions Gone Wrong

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6. Mount Mulligan Mine Disaster:

75 workers were killed by an explosion in a coal mine in Mount Mulligan, Qjeensland, Australia in September of 1921. This was the third worst mining disaster ever in terms of human loss. The cause of the explosion was the detonation of a fire damp.


7. Zasyadko Coal Mine Accident, 2007:

The cause of the blast in this coal mine accident was a build-up of methane gas. The location was 1000m below ground in the Eastern Donetsk region. 63 people were killed and 37 were declared missing. Safety standards are increasingly ignored.


8. Ukraine Coal Mine Accident, 2011:

In July of 2011, 21 miners died and 16 others were missing in 2 accidents in eastern Ukraine in the coal mines. The mines had a poor record of mining safety. The mine is run by a private holding owned by Rionat Akhmetov, the richest man in Ukraine.


9. Beaconsfield Mine Collapse:

The collapse occurred on April 25, 2006 in Tasmania, Australia. 14 lucky workers were rescued instantly, while one was killed. However, 2 workers were trapped and not rescued until May 9, 2006; 2 weeks later.


10. Wangjialing Mine Flood:

A miracle occurred in 2010 after Wangjialing mine flood trapping the workers inside. After a week stuck inside, rescuers were able to rescue 115 workers. 30 at that time were still trapped and missing. Survivors strapped themselves to shaft walls to save themselves.

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