Top 10 Hottest Countries In The World

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Many countries around the world experience record highs in temperature all year round. In contrast, most the countries on the list are near the equator which make them even hotter. As the earth spins, each of the countries get their spot nearest to the sun.


1. Libya:

This 4th largest state in Africa is located close to the equator and is considered to be the hottest country in the world. The land is covered mostly of arid and hot desert. In its capital, Tripoli, average high temperatures are around 30◦C in the summer. A wind called ghibli is able to change temperatures to around 40◦C to 50◦C.


2. Algeria:

Algeria experiences very hot temperatures. Even during the winter, the temperatures are hot and humid. Temperatures are known to exceed 50◦C in the country.


3. Ethiopia:

The country is considered one of the hottest in the world. The Danakil Depression is a desert with areas more than 100 metres below sea level. The area is marked by heat waves and also earth tremors. Temperatures have risen here up to 63◦C.


4. Iraq

Iraq experienced a hot year in 2010. The mercury reached 520◦C in Basra on June 14th. The country usually experiences dry and hot summers and wet winters. Most of the country experiences 10 inches of precipitation per year.


5. USA:

Some parts of the USA are hot, especially Death Valley, California. Temperatures average 48◦C during the summer days. The area is a harsh desert which has an average of 5 cm of rain per year.


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