Top 10 Reasons Against Piracy And Copyright Infringement

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Piracy is an increasing problem. This article looks at the reasons why people should not pirate software, music and applications. Many programs such as bit torrent and Kazaa are not reliable.


1. No guarantees:

There are no guarantees that the product you have bought will work. Many software that are pirated may feature glitches. Many individuals as a result have a hard a time bringing it back for a refund or exchange.


2. Robbery:

The ethical issue relates to robbery. You are robbing the person who wrote and created the product of his/her rights. It’s like plagiarism when someone takes your work and submits it as theirs. You get no credit!


3. Sued:

There have been various cases where copyright infringers were sued for 1000s of dollars. In the United States there were two cases where this happened. Corbin Fisher, a porno production company sued bit torrent users for robbing them of their fortune. Universal Media Group also sued a company for pirating recordings of 100,000 songs.


4. Breaking the Law:

The reason why people get sued and lose is because they are technically breaking the law. A judge would not rule in the company’s favour if you were not. You are risking being charged thousands for something that costs $50-$400.


5. Viruses:

Many products and downloads come with viruses and spyware. You can never trust the program from some you do not know.


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