Top 10 Outrageous Cases of Public Display of Affection (PDA)

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PDA or Public Display of Affection is the excessive showing of affection by humans. Kissing and hugging in many countries like India is considered just that; taboo. There are more extreme cases that shall be noted. Many of these cases are outrageous, absurd and shocking.


1. Opcozno, Poland:

A slide in a water park in Opcozno, Poland is now known as the tunnel of love. A camera system caught a couple having sex at the top of the water slide for approximately 5 minutes. After ‘doing it’ for 5 minutes, they slid down to the bottom. Security was waiting for them at the bottom and ejected them from the park.


2. Donald Thompson:

This man is an outrage to the judicial system. He showed too much affection about himself and not for his job. He used a pump to self-gratify himself while behind the bench. Shame on this guy! In 2006, he was sentenced to 4 years in jail for this behavior.


3. Toronto, Ontario:

A Toronto couple was coming home from a party drunk. They boarded a subway where they proceeded to show signs of PDA. When a rider pushed the emergency button to stop the subway, the couple let themselves off. At that point, they began showing their PDA on the platform. A witness taped the whole thing. Both were arrested.


4. Dayton View Academy:

A couple was caught having sex in Ohio on a school bus having sex. The students were grade 8 students. The student who witnessed the event kept silent until she got home. When she got home, she told the mother who called the school. The witness was punished for not saying anything.


5. Sweden:

A Swedish couple was caught having sex on a bus in southern Sweden in August of 2009. The bus was packed with 50 other passengers. Both were charged and forced off the bus by the driver.


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