Top 10 Reasons Why Lenin Should Be Buried

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Lenin’s body has been on public display in a glass case since his death in 1924 and this issue has always been a source of controversy. The original decision to embalm Lenin’s body was taken by Stalin and the leading clique against the wishes of Lenin’s widow.


1. Communism is dead:

Democracy triumphed over communism in 1989 with dissolution of the Soviet Union. Similar to the death of communism suits the death of its leader and the leader of the Bolsheviks, Lenin. A new chapter should dawn Russia, one that does not include communist ties.


2. Despite wishes:

Lenin never wished to be embalmed on public display. He wanted to be buried beside his mother in St. Petersburg at Volkova Cemetery.


3. Russian wishes:

2/3rd of Russians would like for him to be buried. The poll was taken in 2009, with only 15% believing that Lenin should stay.


4. Burden on Economy:

Russians are going through a rough time with the economy. Millions of dollars of tax payer money are being used to keep the body moist and preserved. Injections are being made into the clothes, esophagus amongst others. The charge to view is also free.


5. Morally wrong:

In 2009, 41% of Russians believe that this is morally wrong.


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