Top 10 Reasons Why Lenin Should Be Buried

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6. Unnatural:

The same 41% of Russians polled in 2009 believed that Lenin should be buried because he is unnatural. He is what cyberspace theorists call a cyborg: an artificial human.


7. Against Being an Icon:

Krupskaya, his widow, stated that Lenin was against icons all his life and was furious over him becoming one. It should have been her decision to make, since she was the next of kin.


8. Prevents any future possibilities:

As Lenin is an icon, many communists still look up to him. Having a present reminder to the communists that communism is still alive can pose a challenge to democracy and capitalism in Russia in the future. Many communists may feel the push to recreate what Lenin did.


9. Break from past:

Similar to what # 1 said, there should be a break from the past. A new beginning; one that separates Russia from the failures of 1989.


10. How is he different?

How is Lenin different than the other people who have died? No one else is embalmed on public display, with the exception of a Pope in the Vatican.


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