Top 10 Canadians who Require the Death Penalty

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Canada has abolished the death penalty. The history of capital punishment dates back to 1749. In the next 227 years, 1481 people were sentenced to death and 710 were executed. The only method was through hanging. The last execution was on December 11, 1962 at the Toronto Don Jail. Controversy has arisen as to whether death penalty should be brought back. Let’s look at cases that one should consider for death penalty.


1. Paul Bernardo:

Paul Bernardo was in 1995 for kidnapping, raping and murdering 2 teenagers, Kristen French and Leslie Mahaffy. He committed these crimes with his then wife, Karla Homolka. Homolka, although not innocent, portrayed herself as a victim at the hands of a murderous monster. He was also charged for the death of Homolka’s sister, Tammy, who they drugged and raped. Homolka did most of the work, serving Tammy to Bernardo as a sex gift. His crimes were not secluded to these incidents. Bernardo had a colorful past as a Scarborough rapist. Many women have come forward accusing Bernardo of assault and rape as well.

Bernardo was sadistic, narcissistic and a failed rapper. He refers himself as “the King” and is now spending the rest of his life in Kingston Penitentiary. His obsession with taking the virginity of girls was cruel and beyond atrocious. He should thus be served with a death penalty.


2. Kelly Virk:

Many killers show little or no remorse after the crime they commit. They only realize the extent of their actions once the trial begins. Kelly Virk, who was convicted of second degree murder of Reena Virk, showed no remorse in her trial. She held the head of Virk submerged in the water until the victim was lifeless and not moving.


3. Robert Pickton:

Justice has failed to prevail when it comes to bringing this sadistic pig farmer to trial. In March of 1997, a woman escaped an attack by Pickton, by stabbing him in self-dense. Both ended up in the hospital and Pickton was charged with attempted murder, but was released due to incredible witness. This was despite the fact that the evidence was plentiful, including handcuffs on the woman and a key that fit in Pickton’s hand.

By 1997, a number of women, specifically prostitutes and drug users, had gone missing. Justice was not served until February of 2002 when Pickton was arrested and charged on 2 counts of first degree murder. Soon 4 other charges were laid in the deaths of 4 other prostitutes. But the list kept getting bigger. By September of 2002, Pickton was charged with the deaths of 15 women, which now may total at over 30.

Most of the evidence was excavated. However, it is hard to identify the bodies due to severe discomposure amongst other factors. Pickton reportedly also fed the decomposed bodies to the pigs as a way to get rid of the evidence.

He is now serving a life sentence with no possibility of parole.


4. Russell Williams:

This former commander of Canadian Forces Base Trenton pleaded guilty in 2010 to 88 charges against him, including 2 counts of first degree murder. Pictures recently surfaced of Col. Williams wearing women’s lingerie. His sexual obsession led him to commit crimes of sexual assault and murder. In one assault case, the victim woke up feeling someone holding her head. Williams continued to strike her over the head and bind her with a blanket. After undressing her, he took photographs of her naked.


5. Michael Rafferty:

Michael Rafferty is as much to blame for the death of Tori Stafford’s death as Terri Lynn McClintock. Although he did not put the final blow, he is not an innocent party in the whole mess that ensued in April of 2009. If it is proven that he did in fact rape the girl, and helped kidnap and hold her against her wishes, Rafferty should get the death penalty. Just because he did not commit the fatal crime, he is as guilty for being an accomplice and for not taking appropriate action.


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