Top 10 People Who Need To Shut Up

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People love to talk more than others. Many celebrities have no cue or social skills when they go on their rants. These rants affect others and do not improve on the image of the person. Here are just 10 people who I think have won the shut up award.


1. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad:

This man is probably one of the most insane men still living on the face of this earth. He is also one of the most feared with his nuclear program in Iran. One thing that can be said about him is his excessive talks about trying to bring down other people’s beliefs. He’s expressed his opinion about wiping Israel off the map, he’s also tried to get rid of Bush when he was in office. In a speech at the UN headquarters he ranted on about Israel and anti-Semitic and racist comments. The man should be more tolerant of others and should not repress the rights of people inside his country


2. Bobby Brown:

Bobby Brown was one of the brightest R&B Stars in the late 1980s and 1990s. He was popular for his new jacket groove as well as his passion for classic soul, urban synth-funk and hip hop. As things began to slow down, the momentum shifted to Bell Biv Devoe, Johnny Gill and other new faces.

In 1992, he married superstar Whitney Houston. The two would continue to have a 15-year tumultuous and scandal filled marriage. In 1995, Brown was arrested after a fight in a nightclub. In the next months, he was charged with battery after kicking a hotel security guard. He would check himself into the Betty Ford center right after to treat a drug addiction.

The downward spiral did not stop there. He wrecked his wife’s car after found speeding in Florida with blood-alcohol levels twice the legal limit. The continuous record of addiction, defying bail continued into the 2000s. Brown served 75 days in jail.

Despite divorcing in 2007, he and Whitney Houston remained friends. One thing I need to cite is his behaviour during her funeral and right after. He reportedly left the funeral because he did not agree with how it was run. He also made a statement blaming Houston for his drug addiction.


3. Roseanne Barr:

Personal laundry should not be put on the internet. This TV star not only mocked the US national anthem, but also accused her parents of abuse in public. In 2006, she traveled to Lebanon to support the country against Israel. Now she has a show called Roseanne’s nuts. My personal opinion is that this publicity stint.

On a different note, who can forget how she treated her husband Tom Arnold. After a disastrous divorce, she wrote him off the show and got him abducted by aliens. Personal laundry should not be made public willingly.


4. Mel Gibson:

This man is a renowned film star, director and producer and a devoted Traditionalist catholic. He has had success in many films, most notably Braveheart and the Patriot. The Patriot, Chicken Run and What Women Want each grossed at over $100 million.

Despite the success, Gibson is known to be a prankster and a racist. He has done shocking things that outrage people. In 1991, he made a derogatory statement on El Pais against homosexuals. His film the Passion of Christ sparked a debate over anti-sematic images. Most of all, he’s been charged with domestic violence and be accused of sexism.

On July 28, 2006, Gibson was stopped for speeding where he was found in possession of alcohol. He told the arresting officer that his life was over and made a comment telling the Jews to f*** off. He blames them for all the wars in the world. His excuse was “a moment of insanity”.


5. Johnny Depp:

He was once quoted as saying “America is like a dumb puppy…a broken toy…Disneyland…You wouldn’t want to live there…” Why is he living there then? Unless he provided with a good reason, he should keep his trap closed.


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