Top 10 Tribes Who Have Resisted Contact

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6. Carabayo:

This is a non-contacted Amazonian tribe living in Columbia. There are 1590 of them and they live 3 long houses. They are quite hostile to outsiders.


7. Nanti

Contact was attempted in 2010 when pictures were taken of the tribe. They live in Peru in the Amazon and are not immune to diseases.


8. Man in the Hole:

One man lives inside the Amazon in a hut by himself. He is the last lone survivor of his tribe. Little is known about this man and where he is from. He is known as the man in the hole because he digs holes to trap animals or hide in them. The holes are 6 feet deep. Contact has been attempted, but he has resisted and throws arrows.


9. Korubo Tribes:

7 of the Korubo tribes have been contacted. The contact was caught on film in 1996 for the first time. There are tribes which have not been contacted. They retaliate against loggers and other invaders, killing them. Others out of fear make contact with the outside world to prevent extinction.


10. Ayoreo:

This is the last tribe south of the Amazon to be isolated. They have no written language. Even though they were forced out of the forest in 1969, they have avoided all contact with outsiders. They are resistant and do kill if approached. Brazilian firm named Yaguarety Pora owns a 79,000 hectare plot in their territory and is a direct threat.


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