Top 10 Drinks With Deadly Chemicals

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I am sure that when people drink juice or sodas, they never expect to find chemicals or ingredients that could potentially kill them. You’d be surprised how many companies make errors that could cost you your health. Here are just 10 examples.


1. Tropicana Orange Juice

Coca Cola Co. and PepsiCo Inc. found a banned chemical (fungicide) inside Tropicana orange juice. The Food & Drug Administration tested the juice and found that the levels of fungicide are acceptable. However, there is one problem. Fungicide can dissolve testicles.


2. Wei Chun Co. Passion Fruit & Kumquat Juices:

This Taipei company was fined for selling tainted juice products to eateries and drinks shops. At least 700 restaurants, hotels and tea shops bought the products. The juices had clouding agents.


3. Diet Coke:

A UK documentary looked at the significant increase in people dying of brain cancer. They found that the artificial sweeteners in diet coke and other diet sodas was a cause. Aspertain is deadly and should be consumed with caution.


4. Kumbacha:

This health drink contains high amounts of oxidane. Oxidane is a chemical and solvent used in nuclear power plants. This chemical is present in almost all soft drinks. People should watch out.


5. Beer:

Beer does have high levels of ethanol. This gas is actually recognized by UN as a weapon of mass destruction.


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