Top 10 Ruthless Billionaires

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6. Rosie O’Donnell:

Rosie O’Donnell is ruthless in her pursuits, thoughtless, impatient and combative. Rosie O’Donnell is not likely to compromise and may have recurrent upsets in her relationships. This was more than visible in her brief stint on The View, where she butted heads with Elizabeth Hasselbach. O’Donnell was not willing to let her beliefs fly under the radar.


7. Bill Gates:

The Independent reported that the Microsoft co-founder was a ruthless schemer. These words came from Gates’ partner and co-founder of Microsoft Paul Allen. In a tell all book, Allen revealed bitterness between him and Gates. He also claims that Gates never gave him the proper recognition he deserved. The two were friends since high school. Gates is worth $56 billion as of 2012.


8. Terry Lester:

This Y&R star was also ruthless. When he was not happy with his storyline, he began to criticize the creator William Bell and his daughter Lauralee Bell, who played Christine Blair. Lester was making more than the average American, playing a role of Jack Abbott, one of the most popular characters on the show. Still he wanted more fame and more money.


9. Russell Hantz:

This survivor is ruthless. One thing I cannot understand is how he got on the show. He owns a million dollar Oil Company! He was never considerate of others on the 3 shows he was on. He would often quote that the game of survivor was easy to play. I guess Survivor was more interested in entertainment than its ratings.


10. Bernie Madoff:

This man is well known for his Ponzi scheme that landed him in jail in March of 2009 and cost his investors a total of $18 billion. He began his fame as a penny stock trader. He would later on receive a loan of $50,000 to start the Bernie L. Madoff Investment Security LLC. This company brought him much success. However, this man was too busy focusing on his fame and money that he did not care about who he hurt in the process. His children, including his son Mark, could not face the embarrassment. In fact Mark committed suicide, sighting the shame he felt about what his father did.


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