Top 10 Countries Unsafe For Christians

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Religion is one of the most significant aspects of a human’s behavior. In fact, it affects our attitude and the way we think about specific issues, ideas and principles. The majority of the population is focused on their belief about God and its existence. There are numerous denominations that teach different things about His role to human’s life, but it points towards one thing and that is spirituality.

Christianity has changed and has somewhat grown throughout history, and so has every religion in the world. However, there are places which are not safe and restrict anyone to freely express their affirmation on what they believe to be true and right. has compiled a list of Top 10 Countries Unsafe for Christians and explains why they are unsafe to enter.


1. Saudi Arabia:

Saudi Arabia

There is no religious freedom in Saudi Arabia whatsoever. Non-Muslim worship is forbidden and conversion to Christianity can be punishable by death. In October of 2010, 12 Pilipino Christians and a priest were arrested for holding a service in a home. They were all charged for blaspheming against Islam and banned from entering the country.


2. Somalia:


Somali Christians practice their faith in secret and are constantly in fear of being found. In recent years, at least ten people have been killed for practicing Christianity. Some women have also been raped and other people have been kidnapped with no signs of return. Islam is the official religion; there is no legal provision for freedom of religion.


3. Maldives:


The Maldives is a chain of small 1,200 lands located in the Indian ocean, just southwest of Sri Lanka. Adherence to Islam, the state religion since the 12th century, is mandatory in order to become a citizen and almost all of the country’s 300,000 people are Muslims. The president of the Maldives has even declared that the island nation has no room for any religion other than Islam. Any Christians found to be practicing their faith are held captive by the government and imprisoned for an undisclosed period of time.


4. Syria:


In the past, Christians, like many other minorities in the region, have lent their support to those regimes that have guaranteed their security and religious freedom.

After decades of protection by a secular dictatorship, the Qusayr ultimatum warned of a darker dawn for Syria’s Christian community. As the 15-month conflict rages with no end in sight, Syria’s many Christian minorities have come face to face with the emerging threat posed by radical Sunni Islamists. These elements have established themselves as a key factor in Syria’s future, backed by immense political and economic support from the Arab world and indifference from the West.


5. Yemen:


Islam is the state religion for Yemen. Foreigners do have some religious freedoms, but evangelism is sternly prohibited.

Muslim Yemenis are not allowed to convert and if they attempt to convert they face persecution and worse death. Christians are constantly abducted and held against their will and occasionally murdered. Christian worker Johannes Hentschel and his wife and 3 children were all abducted in the Yemeni province of Saada. Three other abducted Christians, bible students, were found dead by the Saudis.


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