Top 10 Worst Movie Bathroom Scenes

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6. Austin Powers:

The scene with Mike Myers and Tom Arnold was hilariously funny. I added this on the list because of profanity and the obscene language used to shoot the scene. You can never forget how Mike Myers had the assassins’ head down in the toilet and kept saying 2, as if he was referencing taking a dump.


7. Along Came Polly:

The bathroom scene that Alec Baldwin did was a bit awkward and disturbing. The sounds and movements Baldwin was doing were erratic. Ben Stiller’s eyes kept rolling towards Baldwin. You can only wonder what really was going on there.


8. Scary Movie:

The parody to What Lies Beneath was quite cheesy as well. Hair was coming out of the drain of the bathtub. Farris did not look paralyzed at all. In fact, it was torturing to look at the scene as nothing made sense. Someone must have done a real bad impression of Michelle Pfeiffer.


9. Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire:

The scene was not that good, despite the anticipation. In fact, the scene was so short that viewers did not get a chance to digest the whole part where Harry is stripping down and taking a bath.


10. Green Mile:

Not too shabby…but still was that necessary? Tom Hanks, the moaning, the facial expressions. Great work of art but not part of the storyline.


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