Top 10 Weirdest Celebrity Interviews

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We all have had embarrassing moments in our lives. It’s fun to remember and laugh about these moments after. But if you were a celebrity and that embarrassing moment happened on national television? Would you be laughing then? Here are just 10 celebrities, who had some weird moments on nationally televised interviews.


1. Whitney Houston on Primetime


Whitney Houston is the all time American diva. She became a star not long after being noticed by the legendary Clive Davis, and lost her stardom just as fast. Her troubles began when she met Bobby Brown. He was violent towards her, and introduced her to drugs. Her troubles became apparent to the public when she was interviewed by Diane Sawyer in 2002. She appeared high, and said the now infamous phrase, “crack is whack.” Houston denied any use of drugs at the time. 7 years later, Houston was interviewed by Oprah, and she admitted to her of using drugs and her doomed relationship with her ex husband, Brown, but claimed she was clean and sober as of then. However, Huston died on February 11, 2012 due to drug intoxication and drowning.


2. Tom Cruise on Oprah

Love makes you do crazy things, and Tom Cruise proved it on live television. It was 2005, when he just started dating his now wife, “Dawson’s Creek” alum, Katie Holmes. He was overly excited when he ws on Oprah, and jumped on her couch. But Holmes was not the only reason why he was so happy. At the time, Holmes was pregnant with her and Cruise’s first child, Suri, who was born in April 2006. Cruise has two older adopted children, Isabelle and Connor, from his previous marriage to Nicole Kidman.


3. Courtney Love on David Letterman

Courtney Love has always been known to be wild. She was the wife of troubled Nirvana lead singer, Kurt Cobain. Together, they had a daughter, Frances Bean Cobain in 1992, and Love admitted to using drugs during her pregnancy. In 2004, she appeared on David Letterman. In the middle of the interview, she randomly got up on the couch and flashed him. When she appeared on Letterman in 2010, Love admitted that her life was filled with drugs and cocaine. As of late 2009, Frances Cobain has been living with her paternal grandmother, and has no contact with Love. Frances stated that Love was a bad mother to her.


4. Joaquin Phoenix on David Letterman

Courtney Love wasn’t the only victim of humiliation on Letterman. When Phoenix appeared on the show in 2008, his appearance was different than usual. His hair was a mess and his beard when down to his knees. He also had sunglasses on. Phoenix was slow at answering questions, seemed to be either drunk or high, and David Letterman could not do anything but laugh. Phoenix was mocked by Ben Stiller at the 2009 Oscars ceremony when he and Natalie Portman presented an award. When Joaquin Phoenix came back to “The Tonight Show”, he apologized to letterman for his bizarre behavior.


5. Jon Voight on Access Hollywood

Jon Voight and Angelina Jolie never had a close bond. During her childhood, Voight was constantly away from home. Jolie stated that she only saw her father when they worked together. Their most notable collaboration was when they co-starred in the 2001 hit film “Tomb Raider”. In a 2002 televised interview, Voight tearfully begged Jolie to get professional help for her mental problems. Jolie cut ties with her father since then. It wasn’t until her mother died in 2007 that she had a change of heart.


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