Top 10 Most Dangerous Spiders In The World

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There are many dangerous spiders but the most dangerous 10 spiders out of these have been listed. These spiders cannot only poison the small mammals but also affect the humans by making them very ill. Most of the time a bite by these spiders results in some kind of headache or illness or vomiting. Some of these spiders can even result into death due to the poisonous venom they exhibit. Though other spiders are comparatively less dangerous but they do result in pain, redness and swelling at the site of bite. Treatment by a doctor is required as soon as possible after being bitten.


1. Brown Recluse:

This spider is mainly found in the America and its bite can cause great trouble. They usually hide in dark places and if bitten by this spider can result in fever, vomiting, shivering along with redness around the bite and swelling.


2. Black widow:

It is also known as the latrodectus Hesperus and mostly they are black but a few of them are also found in brown color. They tend to live in hot climate and are found in the United States. 1 percent of the total bites to the people have resulted in the death by the female black widow.


3. Brazilian wandering spider:

This spider is also known as the banana spider and these spiders tend to be very aggressive and dangerous. These spiders are found in the countries like Paraguay, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Venezuela, Columbia, Argentina and Cost Rica. There venom is dangerous but in order to affect a human, they have to inject sufficient amount of the venom.


4. Funnel-web spiders:

These spiders are basically found in Australia. These spiders are also dangerous and 10-15 minutes after their bite you can develop breathing problems which can also lead to coma. A slightly less effected person would undergo fever, vomiting, drooping eyelids and shivering.


5. Mouse spider:

These spiders can survive in any country and environment that is available to them. The color of the female and the male is different. The females are black and the male ones are brown. The symptoms by the bite of this spider resemble a lot to that of funnel-web spider. The spider is very aggressive and would respond to any thing that the spider feels dangerous.


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