Top 10 Jarring NFL Scandals of All Time

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6. Bounty Scandal:

Gregg Williams made a speech instructing the Saints’ defense to target specific party of the different players’ bodies in order to maim. This was during a game against the San Francisco 49ers in January of 2011. What was worse about the speech was that Williams offered players a bribe to go with the instructions. He and Sean Payton were both suspended from playing for this orchestration.

7. Packman Jones:

In 2 years, this man was able to get himself tossed out of 2 teams. Not only did he get into a fistfight but shot and paralyzed his manager as well. This is not all, there were other incidents as well that you may have not heard about. He kicked his bodyguard’s but. Well, at least he found his home, in pro wrestling.


8. Chris Henry:

This man is a joke. On numerous occasions he stated that he did not like scandals. What does he do? Well let’s see…. In 1 year, he got arrested for marijuana possession, was arrested for DUI and for concealing a firearm. This was not all…he also gave booze to 16 year old girls. Does he really not like scandals?


9. Janet Jackson & equipment malfunction:

This was a very publicized case during the halftime show of Super Bowl 38. Justin Timberlake accidentally ripped off part of Jackson’s clothes, revealing a nipple. This was referred to a wardrobe malfunction. There are consequences to such actions: CBS was fined $550,000 for not censoring it and MTV was banned permanently from NFL.


10. Namath VS. Kolber:

How many of you remember what happened in December of 2003 when Namath told a side-liner  Suzy Kolber, that he wanted to kiss her and he couldn’t care less about the team? She took it as a compliment, but many viewers did not realize something odd. Namath was drugged and he would later call it an incident due to his intoxication. He entered an alcohol treatment centre to treat his addiction. I don’t see the incident as something bad, but it looks like Namath wanted to do something right in the end and got media attention as well.

By Alex Noudelman

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