Toronto Blue Jays’ Top 10 Most Noteworthy Moments

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Toronto Blue Jays have had their share of momentous and noteworthy moments. Many of them are bitter-sweet, others are moments we still celebrate to this day. As such here are Toronto Blue Jays’ Top 10 Most Noteworthy Moments:


1. Roberto Alomar & Joe Carter VS. Fred McGriff and Tony Fernandez:

Blue Jays made an excellent decision to switch McGriff and Fernandez for San Diego’s Alomar & Carter. This decision led to huge revenues as well as a touch ‘em all moment by Carter who won the World Series a few years later.


2. John McDonald’s Home Run:

The Father Day Home Run on June 20, 2010 was a memorable moment for McDonald. His father died earlier in the week after battling cancer. Although the Jays lost, the two hits were memorable.


3. Duanne Ward:

Ward was obtained in 1986 in exchange for Doyle Alexander. Ward was 22 years old at the time with unimpressive records. But his luck changed in 1993, when made 45 saves and 1.033 WHIP which helped the Jays win the World Series for the second time.


4. Shrew Moves of 2011:

The Blue Jays made shrewed moves in August of 2011. Both the Jays and their general manager had an eye on the perennially overarching Rays and squeezed out the extra 2%. They put the AL East in check with their eyes now on Yankees and the Red Sox. Their success is noted for their win against Tampa Bay’s.


5. Hiring Alex Anthropoulos:

Anthropoulos looks for the big prize. He has been championed as the grandmaster in the chess game of baseball. He’s taken care of the big things first, trading Roy Halladay to the Phillies. In 2011, he had his big eyes on Red Socks and the Yankees. He is an excellent spirit for the team.


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