Top 10 Awesome Vending Machines

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When you think of vending machines you think of a packet of crisps or a cool drink, but many vending machine owners have taken these handy on the go machines to the extreme.


1. Live Crab Anyone?

In a China subway station you will find the strangest vending machine offering live crab along with vinegar enabling commuters to enjoy seafood on the go.  The interesting fact about this machine is that it is selling over two hundred live crabs each day.


2. Need to Hire a Bicycle?

If you’re in the Netherlands and want to hire a bicycle for a day, then you can head to bicycle vending machines. These vending machines were introduced in 2005 enabling people to rent a bicycle at anytime from anywhere, all you have to do when you are finished is return the bicycle to the nearest bicycle vending machine. The bicycles do have chips, so they can be tracked, a handy feature if you forget where you left it.


3. Gold on the Go

When staying at a hotel in Abu Dhabi, it’s an inconvenience to go down to the bank to buy your gold bars and coins. Here you can get them out of a vending machine. The machine offers up to date gold prices for the user’s convenience.


4. Feeling a Little Angry?

Had a frustrating day at work or an argument with a loved one and need to vent some of that anger? You can now head to the nearest anger release vending machine where you pop a coin in, choose your china and watch as it releases smashing to the bottom and leaving you feeling much better.


5. Autowed

While a novelty vending machine, with Autowed you can enjoy audio prompts, music, rings and a personalised certificate.


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