Top 10 Ways You Can Ruin Your Summer Vacation

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6. Walking barefoot outside:

A Canadian tourist was vacationing in Brazil and Argentina. She hardly wore slippers or shoes while walking outside. Little did she know that she was stepping on fire caterpillars that release toxins that cause internal bleeding and immense organ failure? Going untreated until she came back to Canada was something that cost her her life.


7. Drinking too much:

Excessive drinking is not something that anyone should try, especially when underage. They may find themselves in the hospital getting alcohol out of their system. Excessive drinking may also cause students to damage their liver which serves to detoxify the toxins inside alcohol. Watch an episode of Fresh Prince of BelAir where Carlton gets excessively drugged by Will and ends up in the hospital.


8. Bullying:

Sadly bullies do not take a summer vacation. School bullies enjoy their summer vacations taunting their victims in recreational centers, pools, playgrounds and in the mall. It is usually a scenario of the older kids vs. the younger kids.


9. Taking sleeping pills on long flights:

Never ask for someone`s sleeping pill to take. You may be sleeping through the plane ride, but may feel disoriented after. This may ruin your vacation, include for those who never took pills before. Interestingly enough someone I know took a pill as he boarded. When he had a stopover, he had to go through the gates and again wait until the next plane asked him to board. He missed the plane as he fell asleep in the gated area.


10. Working:

Have fun and don`t work too hard. Maybe take a vacation for one week or two, spend more time with family and enjoy life to the fullest with warmer weather.

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