Top 10 Silly Conspiracy Theories

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The appeal of conspiracy theories is not that strange if you think about. People see patterns everywhere and hence, want to connect the dots of random events. In addition, it is rather simple to do so if the conspiracy is presented along with clear evidence of things that people already believe is true. However, supporting the authenticity of these patterns has certain limits that once broken can easily enter the realm of ridiculousness. Let’s explore the top 10 silliest conspiracy theories people accept as true nowadays.


1. KFC and black men impotence

The rumors regarding this conspiracy theory came to life after Colonel Sanders’s death when the world found out that the owner of the chain left 10% of his earning to the infamous KKK group. The association between Colonel Sanders and the Ku Klux Klan lead many to believe that the fast food giant has been ruled by this racist organization ever since. Even though the gossip’s credibility is escalated by the fact that KFC has several secret herb blends, the ironic part is that nowadays, the chain is owned by a black man.


2. The Nazi reached the Moon long before Neil Armstrong

Most army experts agree that the best way to show your own countrymen that you are fighting a fair cause is to convince them of the threat posed by a ruthless enemy. It is very likely that the stories regarding the Nazi regime reaching and building a military base on the Moon started at the beginning or at some point throughout the course of WW2, when the US was indecisive of whether to enter the war or not. If this conspiracy theory were true than rest assured that the world would have been a lot different today.


3. The Paul McCartney of today is an impostor

According to the supporters of this conspiracy theory, Paul McCartney died in a car accident in 1966 and The Beatles were forced to replace their singer with a look-a-like. The reason why this preposterous hypothesis emerged is twofold: the covers of the Abbey Road album and Fab Four, which are said to refer to the dead Paul McCartney when played backwards.


4. An ancient reptilian race is living among us

The promoter of this theory, David Icke, claims that a blood drinking reptilian race is living among us and will bring impending doom to mankind. In addition, this ancient race has been on Earth from the beginning of civilization and has always decided where this world should be heading. This is why David Icke and other supporters claim that the reptilian overlords currently occupy top positions. Nobody is spared the accusations, from the US presidents to the British Royal family, everyone is a reptilian according to Icke.


5. Elvis Presley faked his own death

It was shocking, it was unexpected and the King’s fans will not simply accept the premature death of Elvis Presley. With several obscure sighting reported by doubtful witnesses across the US, there are many people who strongly believe that the King faked his own death just to get away from it all. If were to think about the more recent speculations regarding the death of Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, an explanation for this silly hypothesis is that simply the fact that certain fans have a difficult time accepting their idols’ passing.


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