Top 10 Silly Conspiracy Theories

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6. The barcodes are the proof the Antichrist is here

Perhaps one of the most discussed conspiracy theories, particularly in 2012, is the one involving the Apocalypse. The Holy Bible points out that at the end of times, mankind will go through several trials before the second coming , one of them being that you need to accept the Mark of the Beast/Antichrist in order to be able to sell or buy. Even though John’s Apocalypse is filled with metaphors and vivid details that can signify virtually anything, many are convinced that the barcodes found on every product today is proof that the Antichrist is walking the Earth.


7. The theories on Princess Diana’s death

Princess Diana was the kind of person that could not simply go by unnoticed. Because many loved and admired Diana, her death came as a shock and it was difficult to accept that the Princess of Hearts is gone. All the theories regarding her death come from that unfortunate night in Paris and the terrible (and perhaps a bit inexplicable) car accident that instantly killed her and her boyfriend. Actually, it was as simple as a car accident that really killed them!


8. Marilyn Monroe was assassinated on JFK’s order

Granted, Marilyn Monroe’s death is followed by the assassination of JFK and his brother rather quickly. However, it seems that some people do not accept or want to believe in coincidence and point out to clues that – in their opinion – prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Marilyn was murdered for the purpose of silencing her regarding the affair with JFK.


9. Worldwide corporations’ logos are in fact occult symbols that contain hidden messages

This laughable conspiracy theory started off in 1992 with the introduction of the Wingdings font. Back then, some people that most likely had too much spare time on their hands, started to play with the new font, which changes the well-known letters to various symbols. And this is how the entire hysteria regarding the major corporations and the secrets there are hiding was born. From satanic teachings to global enslavement, everything can be proven by typing in the name of a corporation in the Wingdings font. Little do they know that the Wingdings symbols are actually random.


10. Michael Jackson’s second persona: LaToya Jackson

As previously mentioned, some fans simply cannot accept their idols’ death. The idea that the King of Pop died of drug overdose is something way below his name. While there have been several conspiracy theories that claimed Michael is still alive, the silliest of them all done not only state that MJ is still very much alive, but he also decided to carry on with his life as LaToya Jackson. It is true that they look incredibly similar and that they were both big fans of plastic surgery. However, let’s not forget that they have been in the same room together several times!


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