Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Try Karaoke

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There are still a lot of people on the fence when it comes to singing karaoke. There’s a good chance you have seen it live in person, and you might have a few friends who already love it. But getting up on stage might be a different matter. It’s not easy to muster up the courage to possibly be embarrassed in front of total strangers. And if you’ve never sung a note in your life, you might not see a lot of fun in trying it for the first time. But one thing is for sure – karaoke is definitely something you should experience at least once in your life. What do you have to lose anyways? And if it goes well, you might just discover a brand-new hobby that will keep you entertained for years. Here are some reasons why you should pick up the microphone and give karaoke a shot.


1. It’s a great skill to have

Imagine how impressed your friends will be if you actually get up on stage! You can bet you’ll be the envy of people who’ve always wanted to try it but never had the guts. Whether you’re trying to make new friends or be the life of the party, knowing what you’re doing on a karaoke stage is a great ability to possess. Of course it might take some practice before you become good, but you’ll be sure to have fun along the way.


2. It’s not really that scary

Most people cite fear has the number one reason of not getting up on stage. But it’s more anticipation than fear that you have to worry about. In fact, once you get over that initial anxious stage, singing really isn’t that bad. You’ll find that your adrenaline takes over and the song will be done before you know it. Is also a good chance you’ll be dying to experience it again when you realize that it wasn’t as bad as you thought.


3. You can get better

Don’t worry if your first song doesn’t go well. Most people have a shaky first performance anyways. But just like anything in life, karaoke is something that you can get better at with practice. And if you are starting off with a decent voice already, there’s no reason why you can’t make it better. Think of the possibilities that a great singing voice can lead to!


4. You might get discovered

While it is rare, there have been cases where karaoke singers have been discovered on stage. In major urban cities, talent agents have been known to scope out karaoke bars for undiscovered talent. You have to be in the right place at the right time, but it will all be worth it someone notices you.


5. A great way to spend time with friends

Even if you don’t want to sing, a karaoke bar can be a great place to hang out. After all, it’s likely to have everything you need for a fun night on the town. You’ve got drinks, good company, live entertainment, and great music. Simply hanging back and watching other people sing can be a great way to spend some time.


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