Top 10 Cities Prone To Hurricanes

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This list examines the top 10 cities in the world that are prone to hurricanes. Despite the devastating effects of hurricanes and tropical storms in recent years, travelers are often lured by low airfares and cheap hotel rates to the hurricane zone, which includes the Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico, and the beaches along the Atlantic Coast. With Hurricane Isaac on the way, as we speak, we hope and pray for those  in its path.

1. New Orleans:

Hurricane Katrina is the most associated hurricane with the city of New Orleans. Louisiana has been hit by 49 hurricanes between 1851 and 2004. 18 of them have been identified as category 3. The problems that New Orleans face is in due part to the average elevation being 1.8 metres below sea level. This causes a shallow depression that is ringed by levees and vulnerable to flooding.


2. Bangkok:

Thailand is a small country with a coastal line along the Gulf of Thailand Coast and Andaman Sea Coast. The coastal areas have a tropical climate with 2 monsoon winds from May to October. These monsoons bring in heavy rains. The passing cyclones generated in South China Sea cause large tidal waves. Most of Thailand, including Bangkok and Phuket receive about 3-4 storms a year.


3. Hsin-Liao, China:

Typhoon Carla hit the Philippine Sea on October 15, 1967. When weakened, the typhoon caused extreme rainfall. In China, 108.21 in. of rain fell in 48 hours between October 17-19, 1967. To date it is the wettest to ever hit China.


4. Santiago de Cuba:

The Flora Typhoon of 1963 saw a  total of 100 in. of rain over a 5 day period. In Cuba, over 2000 people perished as Typhoon Flora hit. Flora is the deadliest Atlantic hurricanes to ever be recorded. It was the 7th tropical storm and 6th hurricane the Atlantic in 1963.


5. Baguio City:

The July, 1911 cyclone hit Baguio City hard with 87.01 in. of rain. The summer monsoons usually bring heavy rain to the Phillipines between the months of May and October. In the mountainous areas there are approximately 196.9 in of rain each year. This brings high winds and waves to the area.


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