Top 10 Cities Prone To Hurricanes

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6. Cancun/Yucatan:

Wilma is the most powerful hurricane to ever be recorded in the Atlantic Basin. It had a minimum central pressure of 882 mb. Compared to the Category 5 Hurricane Gilbert with a minimum central pressure of 888 mb, and a maximum sustained surface wind speed of 185 mph, this was the second strongest. Wilma devastated some parts of the Yucatan Peninsula and caused an estimated $12.2 billion in damages in the United States.


7. Atlantic City:

New Jersey is one of the hurricane states in the USA. Many hurricanes have passed through the shores of New Jersey, most notably Atlantic City. The city faced significant hurricanes: the Long Island Express of 1938 and the Atlantic Hurricane of 1944. Bob, Gloria and Donna followed right after with a number of close calls.


8. Nassau, Bahamas:

It was recorded that tropical storms directly hit Nassau for 25 hours every 5.60 years. The average MPH of the hurricanes that hit are 12mph. The last hurricane to affect the region was the east Hurricane Irene which passed with winds up to 115mph. The next storm that is expected to hit is at the end of 2014.


9. Miami, Florida:

The longest gap between storms was 9 years: between 1966 and 1976. Tropical storms hit the city every 1.97 years. The average mph of hurricane when hit is 110 mph.


10. Cape Hatteras, North Carolina:

This southeastern city has average hurricanes every 2.49 years. Hurricane Isabel in 2003 was the most devastating to the city. A split occurred between two islands in between Frisco and Hatteras.

 By Alex Noudelman

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