Top 10 Most Brutal Video Games

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6. Dead Space (1 and 2)

A third person action game that incorporates some RPG elements, the two Dead Space games practically rewrite the book on how to blend unnecessary violence with the storyline in a seamless manner. Dead Space is certainly a good game overall and it does bring innovations to the genre, but absolutely every aspect is unbelievably gory. From aliens that burst out from the bodies of the NPCs transforming them into deformed monstrosities to gruesomely smashing the bodies of the victims in order to collect the loot, from the spikes utilized in impaling adversaries to the shockingly bloody cutscenes, Dead Space is not for the faint of heart.


7. Bulletstorm

Recently released, Bulletstorm appears to be another mediocre first person shooter with a predictable scenario at first glance. However, once you get a bit more into the action, you will notice that your character (Grayson Hunt, a drunken space pirate who used to be on the side of good) gains very brutal abilities and weapons, the most interesting one being the whip. With the whip and the kick, enemies can be pulled and sent flying through the air, explosives can be manipulated and redirected towards the opponents, environmental elements like electric fences and cacti can be used to complete the kill.


8. Condemned: Criminal Origins

Condemned encourages the player to enter the killing mood with every step he takes, binding all the factors to create a claustrophobic and dark environment that seems to tell you death is just around the corner. The trump card of this game is its incredible ability to simulate realistic hand to hand combat from the first person point of view. Monolith imbues every punch, every kick and every swing of the axe with high quality sound effects that really give you the sensation of realism.


9. Gears of War

In all honesty, the principle reason why this game made it to the top list of violent creations resides in the fact that it promotes one of the most brutal gestures of all time, the curb stomp depicted in the movie American History X. The curb stomp is also the main element that most people remember from this film, as the romanticized story showing a racist neo-Nazi learning the error of his ways is generally forgotten.


10. Hitman

Hitman can be considered the more refined version of Manhunt, where you play the role of an assassin. While players have the ability to complete the missions in Hitman without killing a single soul or going in all guns blazing, they can also find innovative methods of assassinating NPCs and disposing of the bodies in a clever manner as not to alert the guards or get caught. From piano wires to Berettas, take your pick if you are in a killing mood.

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