Top 10 Ways Hollywood Is Breading Zone For Pedophilia

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6. Martin Weiss:

This man is a manager of many celebrities, most notably the tween celebrities of iCarly. He was arrested by LA police and charged with lewd acts committed on children under 14. A man came forward and stated that he had sex with Weiss 30 to 40 times in a 3 year period before he was 15. Weiss told the boy that this was a common occurrence in the entertainment business.


7. Shane Sparks:

In December of 2009, Sparks, an MTV judge on America’s Best Dance Crew was charged on suspicion of child molestation. He was allegedly involved in 8 incidents which began in 1994 and continued to 1997.


8. Fernando Rivez:

He was a Sesame Street composer and songwriter for Cindy Lauper and Gloria Estefan (to name a few). In December 2001, he was charged for forcing a child into having sex with him. Additionally, he was caught in possession of child pornography. To think that he worked with kids TV shows makes me sick to my stomach.


9. Jason James Murphy

This manager and casting agent in Hollywood was arrested on multiple charges yet again. He molested an 8 year old child, abducting him and attempting to flee across borders with the child in 1996. Murphy now was charged for changing his name and his address and not reporting it.

The man only served 5 years for his crimes.


10. Morgan Wilson:

In October of 2011, this hothead and top chef finalist was charged with underage porn. He even promoted it. Shame on him, reality tv shows need to do better background checks.

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