Top 10 Budget Honeymoon Ideas

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6. Go Rural:

Who said honeymoons had to be fancy hotels and white sand beaches? Honeymoons can be small cabins on a nearby lake or even camping in a tent. It will be the perfect way for the two of you to really get to know each other, and it will cost you next to nothing.


7. Consider a House Swap:

Have friends who live in a city across the country or across the globe? House swap for a week. You’ll get to visit the destination of your choice without the worry of accommodation charges, and your friends will get a great vacation at the same time.


8. Go at the Last Minute:

There are so many last minute travel deals out there because the last thing airlines and hotels want is unsold seats or rooms. If you book things at the last possible minute, you could get some pretty amazing prices to a destination you never imagined visiting.


9. Don’t Forget About Social Networking Deals:

From Facebook to Groupon, there are many ways you can save money on your travel plans. Be sure to “Like” the places you’re most interested in for your trip, and watch the savings ensue.


10. Have a Honeymoon at Home:

If you’re really not sure the two of you can afford much of anything, stay at home, but be tourists in your own town. Relive your first date together, and get lost in the area. Go to the most expensive restaurant in town, take in a play or a concert, and have dinner in the park together. Have a game tournament, make each other breakfast in bed, and dance in the living room in your socks. It could be the most romantic time the two of you have ever spent together.


Even if you don’t have a lot of cash to burn on your honeymoon, the two of you can still enjoy some quiet, romantic time together with ideas like these.

Image by Tom Purves on Flickr’s Creative Commons.

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