Top 10 Inexplicable Supernatural Powers

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For most of us, being born with paranormal abilities sounds like a lot of fun. However, people who have to live with this inexplicable set of “skills”, it can be a very frightening experience. Abnormal psychic abilities have been frowned upon for centuries and until recently they have been considered evil and dangerous.

But, do they exist? Skeptics consider that people who claim they have paranormal abilities are nothing more than frauds trying to take advantage of the gullible. On the other hand, the discoveries in quantum physics, the studies on the effects of cognition and emotion on the body and environment as well as the zero point field bring evidence to support the authenticity of supernatural powers. Let’s review a top 10 of the paranormal abilities found across the globe today:


1. Telekinesis

Telekinesis refers to the ability to move and manipulate objects with the power of one’s mind and it is by far the most desirable ability. Perhaps it is due to the numerous sham books trying to teach people how to develop telekinesis, but science today does not classify this as paranormal and it is generally viewed as an attempt to scam people. According to psychologists, such books present an even more dangerous effect: because exercising to develop telekinesis gives a certain illusion of control, many begin believing they actually posses such powers.


2. Telepathy

Telepathy is a gift that benefits from a lot of attention from the media and Hollywood producers. Because it implies communicating with others using only the mind, many consider telepathy as a form of extra sensory perception. The ability of people to communicate with other people through this channel can take on many forms, from receiving a call just as you were about to call that exact person to becoming aware that your loved ones experience a critical situation and feeling compelled to change your current course of action.


3. Psychometry

In spite of the fact that it is controversial, some police departments sometimes appeal to practitioners of psychometry to find out more details about a missing person. Essentially, psychometry refers to the ability to read information from objects that belonged to a person, such as handkerchief, watch, scarf, etc. On a side note, psychometry is also used in stage acting when participants offer one of their personal object and get a “reading” from a psychic or medium.


4. Precognition

Precognition is the ability to predict the future and it is considered a form of extrasensory perception that allows a person to foresee turns of events that would have been impossible to predict with the available information otherwise. Granted, there is an abundance of cases when people with precognitive powers predicted future event. However, science is still reluctant to accept this ability, particularly because it is impossible to obtain a demonstration on demand. One of the famous modern times cases of precognition is that of Jeane Dixon, who is assumed to have foretold the assassination of president Kennedy as well as envision that president Nixon would be the winner of the 1960 elections.


5. Postcognition

As you might have guessed from the name, postcognition is the opposite process of precognition and refers to seeing events that have occurred. Along with psychometry, this paranormal gift is also utilized in modern times by police departments whenever they need additional help with very difficult cases. Even though a significant number of cases have been resolved by employing the help of individuals with postcognitive abilities, skeptics still consider it a hoax that can be pulled by a person who is familiar with some of the details associated with the investigation.


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