Top 10 Reasons Why Children Today Hate School

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These days, a worrisome growing number of children clearly states that they hate school. While it is natural for a child to complain about this, statistics indicate that approximately 10% of the students go to great lengths just to avoid going to school. In fact, some of them dislike the idea of attending classes so much that they become depressed and anxious when they are forced to go, while a small percentage even fake illnesses just to skip classes. Following is a top 10 list of the reasons why your child may detest school and what you can do about it.


1. They perceive it as doing jail time

The number one reason most children can’t bear going to school consist of the fact that they perceive it as very restrictive, both physically (they need to be seated during class) and mentally (they have to concentrate on the lessons and follow the teachers’ instructions). Changing the child’s point of view on this one is going to be tough, especially since the rebellious attitude is specific for kids who enjoy the freedom to do whatever they like at home. Nonetheless, you can do it by constantly reminding him that school is the place where he can make new friends and learn more about the world he lives in.


2. It’s all about the teachers

The way teachers perceive their job and the method they use to relate to their students is another possible explanation for why your child detests school. Some teachers’ attitude towards your child can be rude, abusive and threatening. However, it can also imply the teacher is putting too much pressure on the students or he manifests an openly favoritism towards certain ones. Even though helping your child develop more self-confidence is necessary in this case, it is also recommended that you have a talk with that teacher or the principal.


3. Your own attitude

Your own attitude about how the child should perceive learning is another factor that can explain why he hates school so much. Constant criticism about getting good grades, taking on harder tasks, being more involved in extracurricular activities and performing better in general is commonly perceived as unnecessary pressure. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to help your child build a better future for himself, put yourself in his shoes: how would you like it if your boss would come in every five minutes to ask if you finished your task because he has several other waiting to be completed on that very day?


4. Family issues

According to psychologists, the verbal and physical behaviors children see in their families can trigger repulsion towards school. When parents are frequently fighting in front of their child (or the child has to hear his parents quarrelling), he will instinctively feel the need to stay home in order to support his mother. In other words, because the child feels he is more needed at home, having to go to school becomes an unbearable task he will subconsciously detest.


5. Separation anxiety

If a child is used to getting a lot of tenderness and affection at home, then it is very likely he will come to hate school due to the anxiety generated by having to leave the safety and love of his quarters. The good news is that separation anxiety is typical for children of younger ages and it will resolve itself in time.


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