Top 10 Reasons Why Children Today Hate School

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6. Bullies

Back in the days, you could easily tell if a child hated going to school simply because he could not take the abuse of the school bullies. Nowadays, bullying has taken on a more serious form, namely the cyber bullying, an abuse which has claimed several lives until now. If this is why your child hates school, then it is imperious that you teach him how to defend himself; however, if this strategy does not give any results, it is highly advisable to work on a solution with the teachers.


7. Boredom

Boredom of the routine they need to undergo daily represents one of the basic reasons gifted children come to dislike going to school. If you were caught up in such a tedious routine, wouldn’t you look for a change as well? More often than not, the best way to deal with this is to show your child just how much fun he is missing by skipping those classes.


8. Health problems

Not having the same energy as his colleagues, poor vision that impedes him from seeing the notes on the blackboard or learning disabilities enter the category of health issues that might be causing your child to do his best to skip classes. Therefore, if you have reasons to suspect your child might be suffering from a health problem which makes him unable to cope with the school environment demands, it is strongly recommended to see a pediatrician.


9. The trip to school

However strange it may sound, some students do not have a problem with the teachers and their peers, but rather with the means of transportation they employ to get to school. Irrespective of whether they have to deal with a rude bus driver or the overall agitation during the trip is bothersome, some children feel unsafe and anxious about it. The solution comprises of finding a new way for him to get to school.


10. Peer pressure

Whether in the first grades or high school, children tend to take the opinion of their friends and colleagues for granted. Peer pressure is among the top factors that determine a good student to change his attitude towards school, while leading him to make bad decisions and to adopting bad habits. It is important to note that peer pressure involves more than hanging out with the wrong crowd and hence, can mean not being welcome in the group, rude remarks or feeling a strong urge to have the things that other kids have. The only solution in this case comprises of communicating with your child and working to build his confidence.


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