Top 10 Interesting Ways to Help a Recovering Addict Stay Sober

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6. Move to a New Place

Sometimes one of the biggest obstacles to maintaining sobriety is the presence of the familiar. If you move to a new place – whether temporarily or permanently – it can get you out of your comfort zone and help you experience yourself and life in a new way.


7. Keep a Journal

Just as writing down your goals is a way to ensure you are more likely to achieve them, keeping a journal is a way to ensure you are aware of the reasons why you drink or use so you are more likely to avoid them. Keeping a journal is also very respectful in that you are showing yourself that your thoughts and choices have value.


8. Get a Plant and a Pet

In the movie “28 Days,” patients at a rehabilitation house are told that when they can keep a plant and a pet alive for a year, they are ready to have a relationship. So get a plant. Get a pet. Serve them and feel their total dependence on you, and let that be an encouragement to remain sober.


9. Embrace the Twelve Steps

There is a big difference between just going to recovery or 12 step meetings and actually getting a sponsor, working hard, and embracing the stories and teachings of a recovery community. Addicts are good at using drink or drugs to keep emotion out. Let the stories of others in – let your own story in – and you will find it easier to find the inner resolve to stay sober.


10. Encourage Yourself

Whether you choose affirmations, a non-chemical reward program, or other means to encourage yourself by all means remember the road you are embarking on is very rough. You need to be your own cheerleader to achieve lasting sobriety. Put a plan in place to congratulate yourself for even the smallest victories and you can expect more where those came from.


This article was provided by Vincent Guerrera who loves to read recovery literature, Vincent is a motivational speaker who has battled the demons of addiction. He walked through the fire and today he is living proof that when you want recovery bad enough, miracles can happen through learning from his inspirational reading list.


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