Top 10 Weird Themed Places and Events

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Being a man with a love for weird and wacky things I have come across some things which completely cross the line for being weird and wacky. The worst part is, some of these aren’t even trying to be weird and wacky!

Here are my top 10 places and events that are just a bit weird for me:


1. Bon Bon land

This place is just bizarre, I don’t think there is any other word, apart from disgusting, that you can use to describe it. It is a whole theme part based on excrement. Yep, you read right, all the rides, prizes and everything are based on anything that leaves the human body, poo, wee and even vomit. If you were just strolling through then you would probably think nothing of it, but if you look closely at some of the ride names like, dog fart coaster and see some of the gestures the characters are making, it is really quite disturbing.


2. Can sleep, Lake Skanderborg, Denmark

This is my kind of hotel! Actual little hut things that look like a can of beer. If they were full of beer, I’d be straight on a plane to get some. Basically it is a 121 room hotel made up of gigantic beer cans. If I could imagine heaven, this is what it would look like. Its only open in august for a local music festival, but they stock up a minibar full of royal unibrew beer for you. And the lid even opens!


3. Cannibalistic sushi

This is possibly the weirdest restaurant in the world. They offer a dish that is served on a whole table. It’s in the form of a full scale, human body. So basically you are eating something that resembles a human, you cannibals! Apparently the food is extremely high quality and really tasty, but I don’t think I could stomach it, eating a human. The worst part is the resembling man or woman is naked that they serve you!


4. Midget throwing contest

Istill can’t get my head around that this is an actual sport and hasn’t yet been banned. People queue up for miles in a little bar in Windsor Ontario to have a go at throwing a midget as far as they can, it’s kind of crazy. Imagine being that midget!


5. Ice hotel, Copenhagen

This place is just awesome, it’s one of the places that I really want to go to, but then I think what it must feel like. Imagine getting up in the morning being basically stuck to an ice block which is your bed, having to wear 403494 layers just to survive the night and everything just being cold! You would be bursting for a cup of tea. It does look awesome though, all the blue lights they put inside the ice, giving it an aurora as you walk down, too cold for me though.


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