Top 10 Movie Endings of All Time

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6. The Shawshank Redemption:

The Shawshank Redemption (1994), an American drama film, is the story of a banker – Andy Dufresne, who spends around 20 years in prison as he is convicted for his wife’s murder and sentenced to 2 consecutive life sentences based on circumstantial evidence. The plot of the movie has many twists and turns involving all the happenings in the prison as well as in the world after he gets out. But, the unexpected escape of Andy, when he is expected to be dead is as perfect as Stephen King’s happy ending in the book.


7. Inception:

A dream, within a dream, in a dream! Sounds incredible, isn’t it? But it’s possible with Inception!  Thrilling and innovative movie –Inception (2010) is a bestselling sci-fi movie and a rare summer blockbuster that succeeded intellectually as well as viscerally. Inception, a movie packed with allusions, is indeed a noir tinged caper of Christopher Nolan that trades in crafty puzzles to keep you totally engaged for 2 hours and 28 minutes. The plot of the movie is more likely to be a diverting reverie rather than a primal nightmare as you won’t know the start or end of the movie at all. It’s the best movie in which Leonardo DiCaprio dreams pretty amazingly to steal and implant ideas. Every minute of the movie seems to be nail-biting that keeps you confused about what to expect and ponder over the question – ‘Is it a dream or reality?’ whenever you watch the film.


8. Pursuit of Happyness:

The Pursuit of Happyness (2006), an American biographical drama film, is the true story of a dad who struggles to live contentedly but unfortunately cracks under the weight of his hefty ambitions as he never realizes when enough is actually enough. Smith in this truly challenging role shines with his heartbreaking performance as a frustrated and unsure dad who couldn’t afford to give his kid quality life. Pursuit of Happyness is indeed an inspiring true story that values sentimentalism over logic and emotion over common sense. The Pursuit of Happyness can be a glorification of capitalism for some people as it’s more about ‘not having’ and much less about ‘getting’ that leaves you in tears.


9. Sphere:

Sphere (1998), a successful sci-fi psychological thriller film, is based on the novel ‘Sphere’ by Michael Crichton. Sphere is an intelligent genre piece that gradually turns to a tedious guessing game where you will be left to draw your own conclusions. What’s special about the movie is the great suspense maintained throughout the movie that leaves you pondering over various questions even after the movie ends.


10. Jurassic Park:

Jurassic Park (1993), a successful American sci-fi adventure film, is a spectacle of life-like animatronics and special effects with some of Steven Spielberg’s best terror sequences ever. The plot, with fascinating ideas and entertaining moments, has made it one of the most impressive monster movies. The audience jumped in their seats as they were drawn in to the pulse-pounding menaces of two powerless electric cars with humans trapped inside and chased by the Tyrannosaurus. Regardless of what the movie has, the anticlimactic conclusion is what made the movie memorable.


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