Top 10 List of Animated Cartoons with Sexual References

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DreamWorks, Pixar and Disney are all using a vividly apparent strategy of sex appeal to raise their ratings. Disney is specifically pushing the envelope and is ready to subject the innocent youth to such images in order to obtain higher quality ratings. The industry that we speak about is the movie industry. Most of the viewers are comprised of young innocent children, thus begging the question that all Disney movies are innocent.

As sex sells in the entertainment industry, so do the numerous cartoon movies. Although most cartoons, like Disney, are portrayed as the edifice of culture and joy for children, the hidden signs and messages shown in popular children cartoons may change the attitudes some viewers will have. This is not the most appropriate “subject” for children 10 years and younger to study.

If you are a parent with kids 10 years and younger, you may want to consider banning the following 10 cartoons and animations with sexual references.


1. Hey Arnold!:

I’ll start with the most obvious where every characters’ heads are shaped like a penis, including Grandpa’s. With Arnold’s head being shaped like a football, many critics to name him the Football Head, as a pun.


2. Batman: The Brave and the Bold:

The latest animated adaptation of the Caped Crusader breaks down the darker elements of the antagonistic character and gives them a more classical approach. The character designs are Golden Age, the violence is peaceful and non-aggressive and so on. Also, each episode gives us a team up of Batman and various other super heroes. This team-up always ends in something interesting.

The Dark Knight springs up partnerships with many different heroes and heroines that it’s hard to keep track of all them. However, this does not stop the female cast members from daydreaming about whose penis is better at getting their “rocks off”.

What? In one episode titled “Birds of Prey”, Batman is off duty and is struck with amnesia and believes that he is a gangster, named Matches Malone. MM is the alter ego he occasionally uses to permeate Gotham’s crime syndicates. Three friendly associates: CatWoman, Black Canary and Huntress, team up to save the Dark Knight from himself as the eponymous lady team.


3. Aladdin:

There is a scene in Aladdin, where Aladdin invites Jasmine onto the magic carpet for a ride, no pun intended. It seems like a nice gesture at first. But, many parents do not catch on to Aladdin muttering under his breath, “Teenagers take off your clothes”. Disney fired back saying the phrase was “C’mon….good kitty. Take off and go.” The closed caption begs to differ as it states “Good kitty. Take Off!” A verbal hidden message indeed.


4. The Lion King:

This movie has several hidden sexual messages. Midway through the movie Simba plops down and a cloud of dust rises above him. As the dust rolls off, it forms the word SEX with each letter fading as the next becomes clear. In another segment, Simba is talking to his father in the night sky. Upon connecting the stars, they magically form a penis. This is a hidden message that viewers should not have directly seen.

Disney movies are mostly for young youth who do not need to see these dirty gestures. An anti-abortion group, based in Strafford, VA, campaign against Walt Disney and attempted to remove The Lion King from the video stores as a result.


5. The Flintstones:

The Flintstones offer a noticeable dick joke in the episode where Fred and Barney are to find a Halloween costume. When asked what he wants to be, Barney says that he wants something will make him look tall. Fred responded by saying “How about another Head?” and chuckles. Barney responds by saying “Another one? What do I need three of them for?” This series definitely deserves to be on this list of 10 cartoons with sexual references.


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