Top 10 Most Memorable Politicians

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6. Robert Bennett:

Although he was indecisive and was inadequate in time of need, no one who knew this Prime Minister can say he did not care about his people. He helped the people in Canada during the Depression in his own way. He helped them by reading their mail and sending them money in return. I have not seen many leaders give out money from their own pockets. Have you?


7. Stephanie Tubbs Jones:

In 1998, she defeated a 30 year incumbent Louis Strokes in the 11th District of Ohio. She ran as a Democratic Candidate. The woman was passionate at what she did. She had large shoes to fill, but she did it and achieved her goals. She was a strong advocate for better health care, helping small businesses and improving education.


8. Margaret Thatcher:

This Iron Woman, the former Prime Minister of Britain, did something not many would see a British politician as doing. She supported the sale of military equipment to Iraq for irregular warfare. Did she not know that the Guelph War was on the brinks? She was also known as the Milk Snatcher because she stopped providing free milk for anyone above the age of 7.

Her legacy?  Former Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, as told by Mr. Blundell, in his book Portrait of an Iron Lady, had some qualities that led to her eventually being elected to Parliament in 1959.  The Iron Lady, her nickname, had a strong commitment to free market economies, limited government and rule of law. She was also well-known for her strength of character, her willingness to fight for a cause that would make Britain stronger and for her ability to understand how government should work. Cannot forget the fact that she made Britons work more hours.


9. Rudy Giuliani:

This politician was unorthodox in his Presidential campaign. He focused on the big states with large primaries, while his opponents did the exact opposite. This may have caused him the presidential candidacy.

Why 1 of 10 most memorable? When running for Mayer he was featured on the Seinfeld episode trying to crackdown on the so called “low-fat yogurt”. Seinfeld made it seem that he won based on his role in closing down the stores pretending to sell fake low-fat products. He is also most memorable for having to deal with the effects of 9/11 when it hit his city.


10. Pierre Elliott Trudeau:

Trudeau tried to change the constitution with or without the consent of the Provinces. Initially after talks in 1981, all but Ontarians and New Brunswickans opposed Trudeau and the rewriting of the constitution. Many provinces went to the Supreme Court in Britain which ruled that Trudeau was doing everything legal but was unconventional.


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