Top 10 Last Meals for Death Rows

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Julie Ziegler-Haynes reports how on death row last meals tend to be high calories and heavy on meat. French fries, chicken, steak and pie are common things that inmates ask for. This reveals an underlying cause for combined lavish menus and speaks volumes about the US justice system and about how inmates spend their last minutes before death.

One thing is for sure the final meals of condemned prisoners are enduring, if not morbid, and also a source of fascination. The average meal request does come at an estimate of 2756 calories, more than what a typical man has for the whole day.

So what is ordered? Let’s take a look at some of the most fascinating last meals.


1. Robert Anthony Buell:

His last meal was eaten on September 24, 2002. The meal only consisted of a single black, unpitted olive. He died by legal injection for killing 11 year old Krista Lee Harrison in 1982. Two other girls were thought to be victims of Buell. Buell, however, was never charged for those two crimes.


2. Victor Feguer:

You would expect an inmate to want a good meal before death. For the second time in arrow, another inmate asked for a single olive with the pit in it. Feguer was accused of kidnapping and murder. He was the last person to be put to death in the state of Iowa on March 15, 1963.


3. Hastings Arthur Wise:

His last meal was on November 4, 2004. He requested a lobster tail, french fries some coleslaw, banana pudding and a glass of milk. Hastings was a convicted mass murderer who was executed in South Carolina for killing 4 of his former coworkers. He previously served time for bank robbery and receipt of stolen goods.


4. Ricky Ray Rector:

This Arkansas man was tried for 2 counts of murder. He died by lethal injection on January 24, 1992. His last meal was a steak, fried chicken, cherry Kool-Aid and pecan pie. He left the pie, telling the guard he was saving it for later.


5. Saddam Hussein:

This tyrant was executed on December 30, 2006 in a televised hanging. His last meal consisted of chicken and rice, with a cup of hot water and honey.


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