Top 10 Tricks To Lose Weight While Sitting Down

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In spite of all fitness campaigns and the effort to raise awareness about the negative consequences of obesity, most of us still spend way too much time sitting down. While a great number of people are forced to sit down for extended periods due to the nature of their job, there is also a portion of the population which can be classified as lazy folks. However, a sedentary lifestyle is one of the main reasons why so many individuals are gaining weight nowadays.

Not to worry though, as we will present you several great tricks that will stimulate your metabolisms and burn some calories while doing nothing. It is important to note that you should not view the following tips as a replacement for exercise and a healthy diet. Overall, they represent a means of increasing your calorie burning potential.


1. Replace the office chair

Granted, organizational psychologists all agree that the ergonomic office chairs contribute to increased employee productivity. However, if you are trying to shed some pounds and do not have any back problems, then a suggestion is to replace the chair with alternatives that stimulate weight loss for an hour per day. The perfect example in this direction is the stability ball, as it requires you to use most of the core muscle just to sit down and helps tone your abs and back muscles at the same time.


2. Keep the temperature in your office low

Did you know that the body consumes a lot of calories just to keep warm? If you have your own office, then a solution to help you burn more calories is to maintain the temperature within low, yet comfortable levels. Even though this theory has not been confirmed through scientific means beyond any shadow of a doubt, clinical research shows that when people are cold, the body starts sucking fat out of the rest of the body to fuel its needs (brown fat tissue hypothesis).


3. Drink plenty of water

This is by far the easiest way to ensure a higher amount of calories burned: by staying hydrated (drinking plenty of water) you are making sure that all bodily functions are working at optimal levels. Research performed so far suggests that you need to ingest a sufficient amount of fluids so that you urinate once an hour. (Aha, I think you realize the importance since you are reaching for a bottle of water now while reading this article!)


4. Never refuse a coffee break

If you love coffee and “wake-me-up” drinks in general, then you should take the infamous coffee break whenever possible. Coffee and caffeinated drinks in general are known for their ability to boost the metabolic rate. However, not all such beverages are created equal and some of them – flavored drinks in general – contain more sugar than you should have during a normal day. At the same time, you should refrain from drinking too much caffeine if you are not hydrated, as that will slow down your metabolism.


5. Laugh more

Even though work in general is more likely to get you stressed, you should do your best to smile and laugh more. Laughing causes the heart rate to rise by at least 10% and, as a consequence, increases your metabolic rate so that you will continue to burn calories further on. In addition, laughter is the best medicine against stress and it associated symptoms.


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