Top 10 Dirtiest Pooping Stories

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6. Squating:

How many of us have been to a public washroom and found the toilet to be too dirty to sit on it? Almost everyone. Now here’s a tougher question: how many of us squatted rather than sitting on the toilet? Most of us…right? Next question…how many of us missed the toilet hole and pooped all over. Approximately 30% of us. Happens!


7. Hole in the Ground:

I can name a few times I’ve been to a park or on a camping trip where the washrooms are small portables. Those portables are not your regular toilets you flush. At the end of the day all that poop accumulates. So when you walk in trying to go to the washroom, you want to throw up more often than you want to go poop.


8. Bus Toilet:

Most buses have chemical toilets. All the contents inside that toilet start to smell after a while. We were in New York for two days. There was a Mexican restaurant near our hotel and some people decided to go for a fiesta. On the way to Washington, one of the guys decided to go take a dump. When I talk about a dump, let’s say half of the bus at the back were breathing through a plastic bag and plugging their noses. We had to shift back and dump the contents and missed our tour of the Capitol.


9. School Washroom:

This story was recited to me by a couple of friends. It all started in school, as it always does. A couple of friends were hiding in the bathroom …well more like staking out and skipping class, if you know what I mean. A lot of people had been robbing possessions from students’ blazers in the lockers near the bathrooms. Hiding in the stall, we wished to catch the culprit.

Then a student, we didn’t known, rush in-moaning and groaning. She flung open the toilet stall and let loose. The sound and the smell of the farts were enough to make any person go deaf and blind. The girl must have thought she was alone. With the last squeak of a fart, the friends laughed hysterically and shouted, “Wow! What did you have for lunch?”

How many of us have been in this awful position.


10. Toilet Broken:

My friend came over to my house. He needed to use the washroom badly. He decided to use the toilet in the basement, without asking. He took the dump, only to find out it was not a working toilet. What a cleanup!


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