Top 10 Items Worth Squeezing Into Your Rucksack

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6. Journal

There’s no better way to encapsulate your trip each and every day than by keeping a journal of your adventures. Sure to be a treasure you will flick through fondly for years to come, for the ultimate traveller’s companion invest in a quality Moleskin notebook.


7. Travel wash

Hopefully if you’re having a good enough time you will work up quite a sweat, which is where travel wash will come in handy.
It is easy to fall into the habit of taking your clothes to a local laundrette but save yourself some money by doing it yourself.


8. Money belt

One of the most difficult things about travelling is knowing you have all your possessions in one bag. You can protect against this by storing your belongings safely and investing in a good quality lock, but for reassurance that you won’t be stranded in a foreign country with no money or passport, take a money belt.


9. Ear plugs

Hopefully you’ll do plenty of partying while you’re away but when it is time to shut the noise out a set of earplugs can be invaluable. After all, you may want the party in the bar next door to stop, but it is unlikely everyone else will.


10. An open mind!

Not so much something you can take in your backpack but probably the most valuable tool at your disposal, above all the creature comforts and aids you take with you, make sure you open yourself up to adventure and have the time of your life!

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