Top 10 Worst Actors of the 21St Century

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6. Sandra Bullock:

Sandra Bullock

The day before she took an Oscar for “The Blind Side” she won an award for the dubious title of worst female performance in “All About Steve” at the Razzie Awards. Bullock showed up to collect the award and gave out DVDs to members. She thanked them for ruining her career.

Bullock is a successful actress for the most part. She rose to fame in the 1990s with many successful films, such as Speed, Hope Floats, While You Were Sleeping. She is listed in the 2012 version of the Guinness Book of World Records the highest paid actress.


7. Tara Reid:

Tara Reid

Tara Reid is an American actress who acted om TV shows such as Saved By the Bell: The New Class, Days of our Lives and Scrubs. Her debut on the big screen came in at A Return to Salem Lot. She has since then played manu supporting roles with the exception of her role as Victoria Lathum in the American Pie franchise.

I haven’t seen much of Reid outside of American Pie franchise. It’s unknown whether she will see any big screen successes in the future outside of the American Pie. She may not be good enough for big leading roles.


8. Jessica Alba:

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba’s fame came when she persuaded her mom to take her to an acting competition in Beverly Hills where the grand prize was free acting classes. She won the grand prize and was able to take her first acting lessons.

In 1993, she landed a role in the comedic film Camp Nowhere. She was initially hired for two weeks, but her role turned into a two month job when another actress left her role. Alba is picked as the replacement because her hair matched that of the original actress.

Alba is sexy and beautiful and seems to be a sweet person in real life, but she’s been isn some horrible movies, one after another. Her most memorable acting was as the dancing cowgirl stripper in Sin City. Critics stipulate that Alba has limited abilities as an actress, playing mostly sweet good-girl type of roles. From The Love Guru to Good Luck Charlie to Meet Bill, she has not garnered one success out of these movies.


9. Jennifer Lopez:

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has had some success as an actress. She was loved by everyone in Out of Sight, Selena and Maid in Manhattan.

But, there are movies such as Shall We Dance and Gigli, which are an embarrassment.

Movies are not the only things that garnered media attention. Her failed relationships with Ojani Noa, Sean Combs, Ben Affleck and Marc Anthony stirred much controversy in Lopez’s life.

Perhaps Lopez should just focus on her singing. She has topped US Billboard 200 with J to that L-O! The Remixes and received the highest first-week sales in the U.S. for a Spanish Album with the release of Como Ama una Mujer (2007).


10. Colin Farrell:

Colin Farrel

Colin Farrell is a curious and aspiring actor. At times, he’s a quality actor unafraid to choose eccentric and airtight projects . Unfortunately, the actor, an Irishman, is more is a victim of miscasting, falling short of portraying larger-than-life characters (Alexander), action heroes (Miami Vice), and tough guys (Pride And Glory) with some genuineness. His attempt at playing Alexander the Great was criticized as he portrayed a Greek/Macedonian leader, but spoke with an Irish accent.


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