Top 10 Involuntarily Disturbing Games And Toys For Kids

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There are always two sides to the same story and the perfect Golden Goose Soldes examples for this idiom are clowns. While some people perceive them as funny and the Golden Goose Francy Pas Cher silliest form of entertainment possible; for others, the clowns are those downright creepily painted individuals who are constantly the prime fuel of their nightmares. However, clowns are not the only disturbing elements from the children entertainment industry and a glimpse at some of the toys and games available in the past decades stands proof of that. In fact, some of the Top 10 toys Golden Goose V Star Femme developed within this time frame are so unsettling that it makes you wonder what the designers were actually thinking. Let’s elaborate!


1. The man of 1,000 faces or Hugo, as friends like to call him

Could you imagine something creepier than a Laugh A Lot doll’s expression, Bank Face’s figure and the Russian Matryoshka dolls’ spine-chilling stare put together? If not, then meet Hugo the doll that looks especially built to incorporate the creepiest aspect of all figurines on the planet. And, since the Golden Goose 2.12 Pas Cher facial expression wasn’t creepy Golden Goose 2.12 Pas Cher enough to keep you up at night, Hugo also has some sinisterly atrophied hands that will do the trick.


2. The lookalike dolls, courtesy of Japan

When it comes to weird ideas and bizarre toys, Japan simply has no competition. One of their most outstanding “masterpieces” is the lookalike doll, a toy that imitates your voice perfectly and that also has your face on it. Frankly, unless you order a real size lookalike doll that you intend to use it as a decoy for a potential assassin, it’s hard to imagine the reasons why such an adult toy actually exists.


3. Binoculars in the form of a stuffed dog head

What would you do if the war was over and you had a whole pile of gas mask that you want to get rid of? Simple, you would just attach them to a stuffed animal head and sell them to children as toys. Since every parent loves to dress his child in animal-inspired clothes, why not take things to the next level an offer them the real deal: a pair of binoculars that look like a disembodied puppy head. At least, this is the only explanation I could come up with after seeing these “binoculars”.


4. Blippy, the alien that will scare the pants off any jack-in-the-box

In case your toddler has grown accustomed to the classic jack-in-the-box and he/she is not scared anymore whenever Jack pops out, then it’s time to move to next level and get him a Blippy. The purple color, the spine-chilling eyes and that expressive smile constitute the perfect cocktail to make certain your child will be traumatized for life.


5. Eviscerate-Me Erwin or the how-to-become-a-serial-killer doll

Well, the little patient known as Erwin is a great toy for any parent who would be proud to raise a sociopath or, if they’re “lucky”, a notorious serial killer. Granted, parents should encourage children’s talents and support them. However, provide them a toy that is basically saying it’s OK to cut something open and who knows, maybe you’ll find him/her operating on your cat one day. Wouldn’t you be swelling with pride proud when he tells the story of how he/she sliced open that hooker on a remote country road to his federal prison buddies?


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