Top 10 Involuntarily Disturbing Games And Toys For Kids

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6. Having fun while drilling teeth

Since normally children are anxiously awaiting the annual visit to the dentist office, why not give them the unique opportunity of playing the role of their most beloved medical figure, the dentist, and get them a Doctor Drill ‘n Fill toy. Just imagine how much fun they’ll have carelessly drilling into the teeth and replacing the filling with a gold colored compound!


7. Big Loo, the robot no dark and spooky basement can do without

If you ever want to pull a prank on your son and his friends, then you definitely should get a Big Loo robot, place it in the basement and ask him to grab you something from there. For starters, the toy is a four-foot high robot with a bit of a racist design, since it integrates at least one element from the non-white civilizations across the world. Even though Big Loo seems happy and smiling, that smile looks more like a grim and a promise that as soon as you fall asleep, he will murder you and your entire family. And if that wasn’t enough, the designers decided it’s a good idea that the robot would be able to shoots darts out of its nipples.


8. The Face Bank for Hell

The idea behind the Face Bank was to create a friendly piggy bank that parents would get their kids in order to teach them fiscal responsibility and money management. However, the creepy eyes, barely noticeable nose and hideous mouth on this piggy bank make it look anything but friendly. Because nobody would actually come close to it for obvious reasons, the designers removed the eyes and remodeled the nose to make it less sinister. The redesign was completely useless, as the new piggy bank models were just as disturbing.


9. Struts or the Dark Side’s version of My Little Pony

Has your daughter been Golden Goose V Star Soldes pestering you to get her a fashion doll and a pony lately? Then the good news is that now you can make your daughter happy and purchase both. Meet the Struts, an eerie toy experiment made for the sole purpose of verifying if the American legend Seabiscuit could dress like Christina Aguilera.


10. The sixth finger toy

At first, the Sixfinger would seem like the ideal toy for a little boy who always dreamed of being born with a birth defect. However, the more you stare at the toy the more you realize that it kind of looks like a replica of the male genitalia. Besides the inappropriate appearance – which if you were to believe the ad, it can also be employed as a water pistol – this toy is also quite dangerous as it can shoot projectiles sharp enough to put an eye out!

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