Top 10 Strangest Foods You Should Try

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6. Tuna Eyes:

In Japan, this dish is served with garlic and soya sauce. The dish is not too bad; if you can get over the fact you are eating something that is starring right at you.

The dish is fairly uncommon to be served, including places like Japan and Southeast Asia. The eye has a fatty, rich flavour that many eaters really enjoy and is served in many sushi establishments.

Be forewarned, you should not eat it raw. It should be cooked for 1 minute with eyes facing up. After the minute has passed, you can cook it with 1 tbsp. of soy sauce. Continue cooking the eye until the soy sauce has evaporated. Serve immediately with a fresh slice of lemon.


7. Ox Penis:

Many western countries serve this delicacy for dogs. In the Far East it is a common snack and the taste is inexplicable, unless you have tried it yourself. The dish can be served raw, but is most often cooked by steaming or deep-frying.

Try putting it in your mouth. It is quite long and could actually strangle someone. But…quite a delicacy.


8. Balut:

Balut refers to a fertilized duck embryo that is developed between 13-19 days in the egg and is eaten as a delicacy in many countries in Southeast Asia, such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Although Balut is cooked in boiling water with salt, there are many fancy ways of making this dish.

Why try it? Products like Balut are a male enhancement. It’s like Viagra, which is the best-selling drug for gaining and retaining erection. As many people know, the penis is made of cartilage, not muscles. When flow is increased into the penis, the blood cells pull together at one spot, causing an erection. Because Viagra causes this increased blow flow to the penis through the use of chemicals, the duration and intensity can vary. That is why drugs like Viagra come with warnings.

If you are unwilling to taken Viagra, try Balut. This is one of the most ancient methods and historical cures for lack of sexual endurance.


9. Alligator Tail:

This is a popular dish in Louisiana and Florida. It is mostly served fried and tastes like fish and rubber tires (in a good way). Almost like calamari, but naturally salty.

If you ever go to the New Orleans Jazz Festival, you might want to stop by a restaurant that serves this dish. You’ll get quite a workout eating the dish, but it is well worth it.


10. Ikizukuri:

This dish is very popular in Japan. If you are visiting Japan, they give you a live sea animal of choice from the menu and serve it on a plate within minutes.

Ikizukuri basically refers to “preparing alive” in Japanese and therefore freshness is always assured, especially if you are not a big sashimi fan.

When they say Japanese sushi in Japan is different, they actually mean it. This is a perfect example of a dish that will never be served in the Western culture.


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