Top 10 Uncanny Last Words

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6. Bing Crosby:

Bing Crosby

Quote: “That was a great game of golf, fellers.”

Description: He played an 18 hole game of golf when he was advised by his doctor to only do 9. 20m minutes after the game ended, he suffered a heart attack that killed him.


7. Alfred Jarry:

Alfred Jarry

Quote: “I am dying. Please…bring me a tooth pick.”

Description: Jarry, a French playwright, died in Paris of tuberculosis, which was aggravated by drugs and alcohol use. His last request was for a toothpick as the quote suggests.


8. Joe DiMaggio:

Joe DiMaggio

Quote: “I’ll finally get to see Marilyn.”

Description: I guess Marilyn Monroe was his true love. DiMaggio shared these words with his attorney and friend, Morris Engelberg, who was with the former baseball layer when he died in 1999. He was of course referring to Marilyn Monroe, who he was married to in 1954 and divorced her the same year.


9. Davy Crockett:

Davy Crockett

Quote: “I’m warning you boys, I’m a screamer.”

Description: He was a 19th century folk hero who died in battle during the Battle of the Alamo in the Texas Revolution. He became famous for larger than life exploits popularized stage plays and almanacs.


10. Joan Crawford:

Joan Crawford

Quote: “Damn it…don’t you dare ask God to help me.”

Description: Crawford said this to her maid as she began to pray, Crawford rejected divine assistance with the same fearless indifference to authority that got her through Hollywood for 4 decades. She has 6 adopted children and 4 husbands.

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