Top 10 Popular Male Sexual Fantasies

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If you find out that your partner has any of these top 10 common sexual fantasies, there’s no need to repeatedly hit the panic button.  It is not necessarily a sign that he wants to act it out in life. Rather, it’s precisely because these male fantasies are considered to be “naughty” or “taboo”.

It doesn’t matter what your fantasy is – the point is that we all have them and they may not be as bizarre as you think. Even if your private fantasy isn’t on the list, it doesn’t mean there are not thousands of other men with the same exact fantasy.

The main thing to remember is to be open-minded and understand that nothing is normal. Every being is unique in his/her own way. If you have another fantasy to share, be sure to comment on our blog. We will happily add the fantasy based on consensus.


1. First Time:

first time

Almost every guy has dreamed or fantasized about what their first time would be like in a company of a girl. Many common questions they would ask: would it hurt? would it be pleasure? would I like it? Given that most men would give up sex for their mobile phones, who knows what goes through their minds.


2. Being  A Woman:

Being a Woman

It’s not overtly uncommon for men to have such a fantasy. Don’t press the panic button right away. This is usually because the guy is insecure about his relationships and is still testing the waters. Most men before marriage are like that.


3. Gay Sex:

gay sex

Whether they admit it or not, some men desire to be involved with other men and not always do these fantasies have to be sexual in nature. If your man has this fantasy, don’t be worried or upset, it doesn’t automatically mean that he is gay or bisexual. He may just want to experiment or may just want you to try it out with him.

This is a touchy subject for men, be mindful of the kind of relationship you are in and what type of man you are dating or married to. And furthermore, NEVER put your man down or insult him for disclosing the truth to you.


4. Participating in Orgy:


I like referring to the scene Eye Wide Shut where Tom Cruise ends up at a high-class orgy with nothing but a sea of gorgeous women in masks when speaking about this subject. Having loads of women there for the taking is nothing short of heaven for men.


5. Anal Sex:

Anal Sex

This is a fantasy that most men find hard to speak about because their partner is typically scared or finds it a dirty or repulsive chore. It should be a fantasy that is lived under the right circumstances and should be done with a lot of trust in hand.

Should this be your fantasy, take it slow and don’t push. It may come naturally without any rush. With the right communication, anything could be possible.


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