Top 10 Online Dating Tips for Older Women

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Victorious, independent, gorgeous, sassy, chic, powerful and tenacious are all badges of honor that most women wear. Unfortunately, these respected titles lead to a different label for women: SINGLE!

Yes, we all like to prove our achievements and accomplishments, but the reality is that most men prefer the nurturer and none of these personality traits attract the opposite sex, or at least not the ones women would like. If you are this type: “Alpha Female”, you have had your share of “accepting” less than you deserve just to find a twinkle of hope of finding love.

We’ve gone from dating broke students and the unemployed. We accept all their flaws unconditionally including: I have no money to go on a date; I don’t like to plan out well ahead of time etc.

Should successful women really have to “settle” so far beneath our capabilities to acquire a companion? The answer is: likely if you continue the same pattern of finding that significant other. Here are our top ten tips for achieving success when dating:


1. Change your brand

Change Brand

Although your brand has been triumphant for your career it most likely needs to be attuned for a different audience. The product doesn’t need to change but the advertising and promotion does. For example, when filling out an online dating profile, talk about your nurturing and cultivating qualities and not your trade and industry skills. I was a big sister, I like to bake cookies with my friends, I help my elderly people during leisure times.


2. Hold on to the mystery

Hold on to mystery

Do not reveal too much of your life’s story from day one. Men are not communicators in life and really do not want to know every single detail of your life. Do no tell them more than they have asked for, but don’t make it look like you are hiding anything either or lying for that matter.



3. Let the guy lead

Let the Guy Lead

Do not call your date and ask for dates or call them just to chat on the phone for an hour two. If they are not calling, they are just not that into you. If you need to talk call your best friend instead! I have been in a scenario where someone actually said the truth about being busy. He resumed the dating business 1 month after.


4. Date Around

Date Around

Older women should not be afraid to date around and dating more than one person at a time. When they first started dating, there’s a good chance that they went steady with just one person, but things have changed since then. It’s far too tempting for a recent widow or divorcee to begin to date one person right away and stay with him, which is known as a rebound relationship and never works.


5. Let them think they are in control of the conversation

 guy controlled conversation

Men like to talk about themselves and really are not that interested in what others have to say. They are better talkers than listeners for the most part but they are not great at talking either. They like to feel the power of controlling the conversation even if you are the real one controlling it. Use your given womanly skills to draw them out and get them talking about themselves.


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