Top 10 Things Women Should Not Tell Their Partner

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It is entirely true that men can take a bit more verbal and behavioral abuse than women and overall, they tend to deal with disappointments easier. Having said that, there is a threshold that should not be crossed, because no matter how “ruff” a guy seems on the exterior, he is still vulnerable to the mistreatment of the people he loves and particularly his life partner. In other words, while the insults of a stranger or an acquaintance brush right off, the opinion of the most important person in his life really matters and the “wounds” run deep.

Let’s find out the top 10 things you ladies should refrain from telling your partner.


1. Complementing the charm of one of his friends

Complementing the charm of one of his friends

The fact that men are always in competition with each other is no longer a secret, so telling your partner that you find one of his male friends absolutely charming or stunning is a huge mistake, particularly if he lacks any of those qualities. In spite of your attraction for that person, you should always avoid making comments that could lead him to believe his is less of a man and feed his innate insecurity. The only acceptable complements concern traits that both him and his friend share and you would still be threading on thin ice.


2. Forcing him to accept failure in a critical aspect of his life and surrender

Forcing him to accept failure

Due to the traditionally accepted role of breadwinners, men are naturally competitive in aspects like the career and their moneymaking ability. Therefore, even if he is going through a rough patch, you should never blame him or force him to accept defeat, because it might just be the killing blow that makes him give up completely. Failure after failure after failure is what eventually triggers the midlife crisis and it doesn’t help him to hear you confirm it.


3. The ‘ex’ comparison

The 'ex' comparison

Before you start reminiscing about the good times you had with your ex partner out loud, keep in mind that men dread these kinds of comparisons. Remember that if things worked out so great with your ex, then you would probably still be together, right? It is tolerable to compliment your current partner by comparison to your former one, but never the other way around. Also, it is probably a good idea to refrain completely from discussing your former sexual affairs and evaluate “you know which” body parts.


4. Asking him to introduce you to a male friend of his

Asking him to introduce you to a male friend of his

If it’s not a famous artist or musician that you admire and who just happens to be a friend of your partner, never ever ask him to make the introductions. Things are even worse if you appear extremely excited about the other person, not to mention the situation when you publicly flirt with him right in front of your partner. Chances are you’ll end up walking home by yourself if he has the car keys.


5. Insulting him in public

Insulting him in public

As previously mentioned, men can accept some verbal abuse but don’t underestimate the dimensions of their ego. To put it simply, the image that other people have of him is quite important, so you should not do anything to “emasculate” your partner in public. In addition, the only way to make things worse is to humiliate him in the company of his friends and/or family.


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