Top 10 Businesses That Collaborated With The Nazis

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6. Ford supplied vehicles to both the Axis and the Alliance troops


In case you did not know, Henry Ford was very open about his Anti-Semitic views and he even published several works on the global dangers posed by the Jewish people. But he wouldn’t let his convictions stand in the way of profit, so during World War 2 the automaker sold vehicle to both sides. Another interesting fact is that Hitler also granted Henry Ford the Grand Cross, which was the greatest award that a foreign supporter of the Nazi could hope to receive.


7. Standard Oil fueled Hitler’s Luftwaffe division

Standard Oil

The Tetraethyl leaded gasoline that the German Luftwaffe fleet required was only manufactured by three oil corporations in the whole world at that point, Standard Oil being among of them and also the only one that agreed to aid the Nazi. It is speculated that without their involvement, the feared Luftwaffe division would have never been airborne.


8. Random House was instrumental for the publication and distribution of Nazi propaganda

Random House

Every dictatorship needs a good propaganda machine and Bertelsmann A.G. – the parent corporation of Random House – was just the one to do it. Among other works published by Random House we have the “Sterilization and Euthanasia”, a book that enforces the idea that the onslaught of the Jewish people is in accordance to Christian ethics.


9. IBM supplied the Germans with state of the art monitoring technology


A war cannot be conducted without an effective way to keep track of all aspects, including transport, supplies, funding, so on and so forth. Following the report posted in NY Times about the invasion of Poland and the “immediate removal” of approximately 3 million Jews, IBM took the “strange” decision to increase the manufacturing of fast alphabetizing equipment. Why would they possible do that unless…oh!


10. Last but not least, Allianz utilized the insurance money to fund Hitler’s war machine


It comes as no surprise that Allianz collaborated with the Nazi regime if you take into account that the CEO of the insurance company at that time – Kurt Schmitt – was also appointed the economics minister of Germany. But in addition to the funding and financial counseling he provided Hitler, Schmitt also did a couple of other nasty things like insuring the Auschwitz camp, paying the life insurance policy of German Jews to the Nazi instead and much, much more!

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